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In the last month I’ve decided to focus a bit more on making my blog more pleasing to the eye. This was partly because of some of the statistics I was starting to receive from Google Analytics and also because looking at the default WordPress K2 Theme was becoming quite boring.

I started off by using MIna scheme and had some trouble with the fixed width of my blog. Thankfully, I didn’t spend much time trying to tweak the style sheets as earlier this week Ben Gray released his Unsleepable theme. The Unsleepable theme is one of the best themes that I’ve seen for WordPress and it resolved some of the fixed width issues I had been having with the previous theme. However, deciding to use a new theme can sometimes be a bad idea. For example, shortly after deploying the Unsleepable theme I had to design a new logo. It also led me to try out some new plugins that I had been holding off from using. The current site now uses some new plugins such as Brian’s Latest Comments, Sociable, Ultimate Tag Warrior, Extended Live Archive and Word Press Contact Form.

Now the fun of customizing and integrating begins.

2 thoughts on “Unsleepable”

  1. Hi Leo — How on earth did you change the header with this template??? I installed it and it still says “unsleepable” and I can’t figure out how to change it! — Monique

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