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As part of trying to organize my never ending list of favorites I’ve been trying out various online bookmark services such as, Live Favorites and FavoriteSync. The first product allows you to bookmark and store all your links online. The latter two provide a way to synchronize favorites from a locally stored favorites file. While experimenting with Live Favorites and FavoriteSync I accidentally erased favorites both on the online site and my desktop computer. An obvious case of user error. I didn’t have access to previously archived copies of my local favorites and so I spent some time e-mailing the support teams for both products. Below are the responses I got from the support teams of Live Favorites and FavoriteSync. Can you guess which product ended up providing me with the best service?

Product 1

Thank you for contacting Product 1 support. My name is Barb, and I will be happy to help you today.  It is my understanding that when you synchronized the favorites with a computer that did not have favorites this action wiped out more than 200 favorites that you had stored.  I deeply regret you have lost your 200 favorites.  I have further investigated this issue for you and as we do not have any of your favorites in our files we cannot assist you.


Product 2

Here is the latest backup. Please put it in the Product 2 folder and use the Options | Backup to import it. There should also be automatically stored backups saved there.


Needless to say, I was able to recover my favorites using Product 2. Two different products offering very similar services yet in the end the product that provides the best service wins.