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Windows Live Custom Domains Manager

While at Redmond last week I had a chance to meet with some members of the Windows Live Custom Domains team. I pushed or asked for three requests:

– Ability to sign up directly for an @yourdomain address directly without an administrator approval

– Branding or customization of a domain by way of preselecting a default logo or theme for the site

– Banner Advertisement Sharing

– Mailing Lists

These requests were selfishly motivated to try and determine when I might be able to switch Mail service from to Windows Live Custom Domains. I figured I would deal with issues such as mail and user account migration once the above issues were resolved. To my surprise I found out that Microsoft had released a Custom Domains SDK to address some of these issues and earlier this morning I came across a news item from indicating that Frameworks had released a new application called Windows Live Custom Domains Manager. The application allows you to:

  • Veirfy Service Status
  • Verify MX Configuration
  • Add New Users
  • Delete Users
  • Import Existing Users
  • Evict Existing Users
  • Import User List
  • Export User List
  • Centralized Multi-domain Management

Now it seems like the only pressing issue is branding or customization of the domain and then I think I may actually switch to Windows Live Custom Domains.