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Can my computer run Vista?

Can your computer run Windows Vista? If you’re trying to find out or need to start budgeting for that video card upgrade try the new Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. It looks like all my computers are out of luck when it comes to Vista. But perhaps you’ll fair better.

According to the Microsoft Vista site, “The Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor is a small beta application that you can run on your current Windows XP-based computer to find out if it’s ready for an upgrade to Windows Vista. When you run the Upgrade Advisor, it will scan your computer and generate an easy-to-understand report of any known system and device compatibility issues, along with recommendations on how you can get your PC ready for Windows Vista. Microsoft plans to add functionality to Upgrade Advisor, such as checking how your software applications will run with Windows Vista. Download the beta version today and check this site in a few months for a new version.”


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