.SQM files

If you’ve installed Windows Live Messenger, you may notice a number of files listed in the root of your primary drive that end with .sqm

There’s a post on the CCleaner forums indicating that SQM is the accronym for Service Quality Monitor and the files are supposedly not needed. Does anyone have more information on these files?

Open Membership

Windows Live Custom Domains have just announced the latest release with a number of features, the most exciting one of which is Open Membership. Earlier in May I had really pushed for more features tailored towards greater customization of the domain, custom advertisement insertions and the ability to the create mailing lists.  Windows Live Custom Domains Manager handles the ability for mailing list creation. Now with Open Membership, another one of my requests is offered by default. Nice.

Directly from the Custom Domains sites Open Membership is a feature that will allow your web site visitors to create their own e-mail accounts at your domain.

What are the benefits?

  • Increase visits to your website Vistors come to your site to check their e-mail. It’s also an opportunity to explore other parts of your website.
  • Free website marketing. Every time they use their e-mail address, they’re promoting your website.
  • Self-service sign up. Visitors can get their e-mail accounts in real-time. No need to wait for you to manually create their e-mail address.
  • Less stress. Let your users choose their e-mail address.