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.SQM files

If you’ve installed Windows Live Messenger, you may notice a number of files listed in the root of your primary drive that end with .sqm

There’s a post on the CCleaner forums indicating that SQM is the accronym for Service Quality Monitor and the files are supposedly not needed. Does anyone have more information on these files?


7 thoughts on “.SQM files”

  1. Not so long ago I discovered, after downloading MSN Live Messenger, that new and annoying files were appearing on my root drive with the extension SQM. Initially I found these SQM files to be a nuisance, however contrary to popular belief they are in fact doing your computer, and more importantly you, a service (of a sort). The acronym SQM stands for Surreptitious Quaint Masturbation. These files allow you to beat off, and rigorously I might add, to all of the mad arse porn you just downloaded without your mum finding out. Not that I live with my mum or anything…….cough cough……but if I did, the SQM files would come in “handy”. Handy…lol…you get it…handy….ah that is soooo good. rofl…

  2. I faced the same problem too… It was such a annoyance.

    I just added the following lines to my autoexec.bat file to get rid of it:

    del /q /a sqmdata*.sqm
    del /q /a sqmnoopt*.sqm

  3. hi pradeep

    my c drive’s all cluttered up with these things. how can I set an autoexec file to automatically delete them?

    i use windows xp on my home laptop and am a tech dufus, so if you do reply- it has to be like you’re telling a particularly daft child how to do it.


  4. janedoe, what you need to do is open the file “autoexec.bat” on your C drive with notepad.

    Then add the following two lines to it:
    del /q /a sqmdata*.sqm
    del /q /a sqmnoopt*.sqm

    Save the file, and that’s it, you’re done. Now whenever you start your computer up, it will remove all of the annoying .sqm files cluttering up your C drive.

  5. I looked on my Windows Vista HD for the autoexec.bat file and it does not find anything.
    Does Vista use autoexec.bat? If not, how do I delete the .sqm files?

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