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Why Philadelphia?

Ever since I returned from my vacation to Miami it seems like I’ve landed in an advertising campaign for Philadelphia. Every in flight magazine I read had an article about Philadelphia and now thanks to the Select Greater Philadelphia group it’s very easy to see why Philadelphia is gaining so much popularity. Definitely stop by their awesome website, but for a quick summary check out some of these statistics:

  1. National Geographic Traveler magazines named Greater Philadelphia “America’s Next Great City”
  2. Greater Philadelphia is the 4th largest metropolitan region in the United States in population with the 6th highest gross metro product, 4th largest personal income and 4th largest media market
  3. Total employment in 2005 within 200 miles was 15.7 % of the United States total
  4. Philadelphia International Airport is the fastest growing airport in the country for passenger traffic and the second fastest growing airport in the world
  5. Greater Philadelphia region has 83 colleges and universities. Yes, Temple University is one of these 83 and is recognized for the highest total enrollment and one of the top regional universities for research and development
  6. Cost of living in Greater Philadelphia is lower than in most other major U.S metro areas
  7. Listed as one of the top walking cities and big city arts destination
  8. A top region for venture capital financing
  9. Life Sciences, Chemicals, Financial Services and Information Technology are 4 key industries in the region
  10. Greater Philadelphia has the 11th largest foreign-born population in the United States