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Temple Football Fever

If you’re interested in Temple Football make sure you add Mike Gibson’s Temple Football Fever to your blogroll. He writes and maintains an excellent blog on Temple Football.

5 thoughts on “Temple Football Fever”

  1. You are so right. It’s easy to be a fan of Oklahoma or USC or Texas.
    But to be a Temple fan is very admirable and the guy who writes that blog is a tremendous writer whose love of Temple University and its football team is evidenced on every page.
    Oklahoma and Texas fans would be proud to have a fan blog of this quality.
    Temple fans do and congratulations. An all-around good college football read.

  2. Get ready for more of the same for the next 4 years. Golden was avialble for a reason. All talk, no substance. He was not successful as an assistant. He is a political animal. Lose every game this year, play freshmen to empahasis the “cupboard is bare”. and then win one more each year for 4 years. He has lost the support of all of his senior and junior players. They will get worse before better.

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