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In preparation for the site relaunch, I recently setup a hosting account with ASPnix. As a result I now have hosting contracts with 4 companies. (I use Midphase for all PHP hosting needs, Webhost4life, ServerIntellect and ASPnix for ASP.NET hosting). Ideally after the launch I will probably terminate my contract(s) with Webhost4life.

So far ASPnix has been a decent host aside for two issues:

1) No Phone Support

Not having phone support is a big negative for me since I normally like to try and get things resolved over one phone call instead of typing out an e-mail and waiting for a response and then possibly having to go back and forth over e-mail just to get a simple problem resolved. ASPnix makes up for this by providing stellar e-mail support.

2) No Custom Errors

Unless you have a VPS account, ASPnix shared server sites are setup at the machine.config level to not display the error messages. So if you plan on using their server as a development server plan on implementing a way to capture or display these error messages. (I’ve been trying to get ELMAH to work since I didn’t have much luck with the application blocks from Microsoft.)


2 thoughts on “ASPnix”

  1. Hi, Leo.

    I also share your concern about #2, and have a couple of my own, even though I generally have good things to say about the service in general. I haven’t been able to get application blocks to work either, so I’d be very happy to hear if you manage to get ELMAH to work, since I need the same kind of resolution for one of my sites )

  2. Hi Andrew

    I couldn’t get ELMAH to log errors to the database. I’m trying to get it working on my webhost4life account (since I can actually see errors there) and hope to migrate the working code to my ASPnix account.

    Anyways, this whole episode with not being able to see custom error messages has essentially forced me into to this quasi state of using webhost4life as a development server and ASPnix as the production server.

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