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In preparation for the site relaunch, I recently setup a hosting account with ASPnix. As a result I now have hosting contracts with 4 companies. (I use Midphase for all PHP hosting needs, Webhost4life, ServerIntellect and ASPnix for ASP.NET hosting). Ideally after the launch I will probably terminate my contract(s) with Webhost4life.

So far ASPnix has been a decent host aside for two issues:

1) No Phone Support

Not having phone support is a big negative for me since I normally like to try and get things resolved over one phone call instead of typing out an e-mail and waiting for a response and then possibly having to go back and forth over e-mail just to get a simple problem resolved. ASPnix makes up for this by providing stellar e-mail support.

2) No Custom Errors

Unless you have a VPS account, ASPnix shared server sites are setup at the machine.config level to not display the error messages. So if you plan on using their server as a development server plan on implementing a way to capture or display these error messages. (I’ve been trying to get ELMAH to work since I didn’t have much luck with the application blocks from Microsoft.)