Systeminfo Utility

I just came across a nice utility that displays all your system information from the command line. I believe the tool only works in Windows XP and higher, however, to run the tool follow the steps listed below:

1) Click on Start

2) Click on Run

3) Type cmd and click OK

4) Type systeminfo and press Enter

Temple University Undergraduate Admissions

The Undergraduate Admissions office at Temple University have just relaunched a new version of their website. Looks like this will be another record year of applications to the university. Awesome.

1) Old Site

Old Temple University Undergraduate Admissions Website

2) New Site

New Temple University Undergraduate Admissions Website

In other Temple University website information, The College of Health Professions recently updated their website and thanks to an email from Jimmy G., I was also informed that the Diamond Dollars management page has received a long overdue update. After testing it out I can’t help but say this is a very, very nice upgrade.

Vista Build 5472

Yesterday morning, I upgraded my primary computer at home to Vista Ultimate Build 5472. The whole upgrade went fast as I was able to complete it before leaving for work in the morning. So far I’m only having trouble with my outdated Intel web camera and my VPN connection using Nortel Contivity (From what I gather Nortel will be releasing a new version of Nortel Contivity later this year). The one thing I learnt today is that my Windows Experience Index is rated at 1.0, implying lack of some important features such as Aero or in other words New Computer Desire Percentage is rated at 100%.