Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access Message Headers

Earlier this week I was trying to figure out a way to view headers of various messages in my Outlook Web Access inbox and realized that out of the box Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access does not have a way to view message headers. What! You mean I have to open an Outlook client just to view headers?

According to some sites I read, the only work around to viewing these headers is to replace a file on the Exchange server to provide for this functionality. Argh!

Anyways, if you think this feature is essential and have access to your Exchange 2003 server try the updated file available at Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access Extension Allows You to View Message Source or at the Information and Utilities for Exchange/IIS Administrators page.

Out of curiosity, does anyone know if Exchange 2007 has this feature integrated with Outlook Web Access?

AdCenter Update

Just received an e-mail indicating that Microsoft AdCenter is going to be upgraded on Saturday, August 5 to include the following highlights:

– Firefox support

– Daily, weekly, and monthly data will be updated on a more frequent basis to help you view results and optimize campaigns efficiently

– Filter the time frame for which you want your campaign and order summaries to show, instead of viewing them in the life-to-date format.

– Changes to the reporting tab to make it easier to use