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ING Philadelphia

I signed up for an ING account a few months back and haven’t had any regrets with the nice 4.5% interest or not having to deal with bank tellers or various paper forms. Everything you need can be done online and makes you wish that other banks offered similar services.

Living in Philadelphia is a double perk as having an  ING account means you get to visit one of the select few ING Cafes. They even throw in extras like buying your first coffee or giving you a cup of coffee for every deposit that you make at the cafe, the free wireless Internet can come in real handy when you’re downtown and have a sudden urge to get online.  The cafe is located on the corner of 17th and Walnut Streets and open Monday – Friday 7AM to 7PM, Saturday 10AM to 7PM and Sunday 10AM to 5PM.

If you’re interested in their free $25 credit for opening a new account and need a referral link drop me a line.