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Bible in a Year

I’m going to try and read more of the Bible as part of the plan to integrate this habit as part of a non-negotiable discipline. There are various methods to reading the Bible in a year:

  • Chronological (Read the Bible based on chronological occurrence of events)
  • Historical (Read the Bible in the order the books were written)
  • Synchronous (Read the Old Testament and New Testament together)
  • Start to Finish (Read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation)
  • Variety (Read the Bible with no specific order)

I intend to follow the variety approach offered by Crosswalk’s Bible in a Year plan.

1 thought on “Bible in a Year”

  1. the first time I read through the bible it was start to finish New Testament, start to finish Old Testament. the second time I tried a system where you read some of the old testament, some of the gospels, some of the new testament each day. Didn’t finish, but liked that approach.

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