Downloading Your Pictures From Flickr

I’ve blogged about service lock-in before but wasn’t expecting to encounter this with Flickr! Either way, I couldn’t find an easy way to export or download my images from Flickr, without going through each image and then saving them one by one back to my desktop. Why do they make it so simple to upload pictures, tag pictures, group pictures, organize pictures and do everything you could possibly imagine with pictures but make it so hard to download your own pictures locally? Perhaps I wasn’t searching hard enough for the burried Flickr export option, but thanks to Greggman, this frustration was quickly doused by way of his FlickrDown utility – a program that offers a quick and easy way to download your pictures from Flickr.

Refund Please

Just came across another great Lifehacker article titled Track Amazon’s 30-day refund guarantee with Refund Please.

Apparently, similar to some other stores, if the price of an item you purchased from drops within 30 days of the purchase date, will credit you the difference in price. This is great for anyone who shops on except that checking the price on a daily basis can become quite a pain.

Enter Refund Please – a site that checks the price of the item you purchased daily and sends you a message if the price drops and also includes the relevant links and information on how to claim your credit. I’ll try and use Refund Please for some of my most recent purchases but am also curious about Price Protectr – a site that offers a very similar service but covers purchases from,, Best Buy, Circuit City, Costco, Future Shop, Jenson USA, Office Max, Sears and Target.

The iPhone

If you had a chance to follow Steve Jobs Macworld keynote, did you leave feeling like you just had to own an iPhone? Some of the specifications of the iPhone that stood out to me:

  • Will run OS X and other desktop-class applications
  • Single home button
  • Multi-touch interface ensuring you never have to buy a stylus again
  • 3.5 inch widescreen display
  • 2 megapixel camera and iPod dock connector probably to ensure that all your iPod accessories can be used with the iPhone and built in speaker and microphone
  • It’s got a proximity sensor to shut off the display when the iPhone is close to your ear, an ambient light sensor to adjust brightness and save power and also an accelerometer which apparently can tell whether you’re in landscape or portrait mode. (Not sure if it’s used for something else too)
  • 11.6 mm thick meaning it’s thinner than the Motorola Q and the Samsung BlackJack. Both devices I’ve recently been considering to replace my Audiovox SMT 5600.
  • Syncs with iTunes which isn’t a big selling point for me, but maybe after the pending lawsuits Apple will be forced to support other media formats
  • GSM and EDGE, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Available on Cinglar only which is great since I almost switched to Verizon earlier this year to make use of some Temple University benefits
  • Visual voicemail is probably the best feature demonstrated. Essentially, you are presented with a list of your voicemails and can select which ones you want to listen to just like you a list of emails you can filter through.
  • Error correcting on-screen keyboard.
  • Mail, Safari, Google Maps, Yahoo Mail, Widgets
  • 5 hour video battery life
  • 16 hour audio battery life
  • The 4GB costs $499 and the 8GB $599 (includes a 2 year contract). It is shipping in June.
  • 100 + patents and parternships with Google and Yahoo to ensure that no existing players or new entrants can attempt to copy or relaunch a competing product.

Bible in a Year

I’m going to try and read more of the Bible as part of the plan to integrate this habit as part of a non-negotiable discipline. There are various methods to reading the Bible in a year:

  • Chronological (Read the Bible based on chronological occurrence of events)
  • Historical (Read the Bible in the order the books were written)
  • Synchronous (Read the Old Testament and New Testament together)
  • Start to Finish (Read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation)
  • Variety (Read the Bible with no specific order)

I intend to follow the variety approach offered by Crosswalk’s Bible in a Year plan.