Refund Please vs. Price Protectr

I found out about Refund Please and Price Protectr earlier this year. So far, Refund Please has been doing a much better job than Price Protectr. Three days after I placed an order for a Canon PowerShot SD900 Titanium 10MP Digital Elph from, Refund Please was the first to send me an e-mail when the price dropped by about $10. Then earlier this morning I received e-mails from both Refund Please and Price Protectr confirming that the price for the camera had dropped again. Furthermore, Refund Please sends you a message with very detailed instructions on how to claim your refund from. Either way, as a result of these services I was able to request a refund from, and as always their customer support has just been great in exceeding service levels provided by other stores.

Changing the order of Windows network connections

Increasingly, from what I’ve observed, depending on the number of network hardware you have in your computer, network connections in Windows attempt a wireless connection first and then an ethernet connection. However, it’s not obvious where to change the order or preference of network connections in Windows. To modify the priority of network connections try the steps listed below:

  1. Open Network Connections. Since the whole Windows Vista network redesign, I’ve found it easier to use the Control Panel shortcut by clicking on the Start orb and typing in ncpa.cpl in the search box and pressing enter
  2. Click on Advanced
  3. Click on Advanced Settings and you should now see the following windowAdvanced Network Settings
  4. Under Connections select the connection whose priority you would like to change and use the arrows to modify the priority or change the bindings that are associated with the specific connection

The program must close to allow a previous installation attempt to complete

For some really odd reason, a recent Firefox update on my Windows Vista computer resulted in the following error message when attempting to launch the program “The program must close to allow a previous installation attempt to complete”

Based on the extremely long but very helpfull mozillaZine forum thread, Firefox may have an orphaned file(s) that prevents the program from launching after an update. On my computer, I had to delete both xpicleanup.exe and xpicleanup.dat Apparently the xpicleanup file is used to cleanup after an update or installation of Firefox. To resolve the problem the following steps may help:

  1. Restart your computer or end all running instances of Firefox or xpicleanup.exe
  2. Open Windows Explorer and ensure that you can view hidden files and folders
  3. Delete the xpicleanup.exe file from C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
  4. Delete the xpicleanup.dat file from C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
  5. Firefox should now start normally