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Refund Please vs. Price Protectr

I found out about Refund Please and Price Protectr earlier this year. So far, Refund Please has been doing a much better job than Price Protectr. Three days after I placed an order for a Canon PowerShot SD900 Titanium 10MP Digital Elph from, Refund Please was the first to send me an e-mail when the price dropped by about $10. Then earlier this morning I received e-mails from both Refund Please and Price Protectr confirming that the price for the camera had dropped again. Furthermore, Refund Please sends you a message with very detailed instructions on how to claim your refund from. Either way, as a result of these services I was able to request a refund from, and as always their customer support has just been great in exceeding service levels provided by other stores.


1 thought on “Refund Please vs. Price Protectr”

  1. I haven’t used RP, but I have used PP, and it worked for me. Of course, this is June and the original post was in Feb, so something may have changed. Anyway, I got detailed refund info from PP, and they covered Staples, where I shop a lot. I think RP only covers Amazon, which doesn’t help me as a small business owner.

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