Printer connection cannot be removed. Operation could not be completed

Sometimes things that seem so obvious aren’t. Earlier this week, I was trying to be cool and add a new network printer to a number of computers using a basic script. After a number of attempts at a test work station, I finally found a solution that I thought worked well. However, when attempting to remove some of my earlier failed attempts at adding the printer I encountered the following error ‘Printer connection cannot be removed. Operation could not be completed.’

What do you mean printer connection cannot be removed? I am the Administrator and therefore though shalt be removed.

Well apparently, the easiest way to resolve this problem is to:

  1. Disable your active network adapter or unplug the network cable
  2. Delete the printer that you were having trouble deleting
  3. Enable your active network adapter or reconnect the network cable

Sometimes you wonder, are we all webmasters living lives as webslaves?

Terranova Coffee Zambia

March has officially become Zambia awareness month. First, the country is in the news because of the Vulture Fund, then during my trip to California last month I came across the Terranova Coffee blend being sold in Starbucks. Thanks to a friend I was able to capture the Zambia Terranova Estate cover shot and even though I’m not one to promote Starbucks, this month certain Starbucks locations are featuring the Zambia Terranova Estate coffee beans as a Black Apron exclusive. According to the website, Starbucks actually pays tribute to the farmers of Black Apron Exclusives blends through cash awards and also by funding projects that support the community, environment and coffee sustainability.

Terranova Coffee

Adobe Flash and Internet Explorer 7

Earlier last month I was having trouble with certain websites such as YouTube or MSN Soapbox. It appeared as if the site failed to detect that the Adobe Flash player was installed whereas other sites such as the Adobe Flash Player installation page would detect the correct version of the player and even display the Flash movie. According to an Adobe TechNote, this could happen due to an incomplete installation of Flash Player.

If you’re experiencing a similar problem, try the following:

  1. Quit all running applications or simply restart your computer
  2. Run the stand alone Adobe Flash Uninstaller
  3. Run the stand alone Adobe Flash Installer

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Alter Hall

The Fox School of Business has been maintaining an excellent blog titled Alter Hall Blog primarily focusing on construction updates for the new Alter Hall. This week they’re also running a contest to anyone who posts a comment on the best description of a construction term called ‘waler’.

I think the blog and contest are great ideas on reaching the community (students and alumni) and the contest an even better way to continue to attract new visitors to the site.

In case you’re looking for help with the contest, try attending the Contractor School.