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Terranova Coffee Zambia

March has officially become Zambia awareness month. First, the country is in the news because of the Vulture Fund, then during my trip to California last month I came across the Terranova Coffee blend being sold in Starbucks. Thanks to a friend I was able to capture the Zambia Terranova Estate cover shot and even though I’m not one to promote Starbucks, this month certain Starbucks locations are featuring the Zambia Terranova Estate coffee beans as a Black Apron exclusive. According to the website, Starbucks actually pays tribute to the farmers of Black Apron Exclusives blends through cash awards and also by funding projects that support the community, environment and coffee sustainability.

Terranova Coffee

2 thoughts on “Terranova Coffee Zambia”

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    This is an interesting site…I will link your blog to mine…I want all Zambian bloggers to be linked!!!

    Are you really the architect of the Zambian?

    I have been waiting for you guys to put up my link, to no avail 🙂

    I guess you also know the admin right??? Isn’t that the same network.?….

    If so, what is the ethos behind Bwanji…why is it unregulated?

    On the Starbucks coffee…I think Starbucks are not stocking this is Europe…I went there to look for it…I couldn’t find it….

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