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Printer connection cannot be removed. Operation could not be completed

Sometimes things that seem so obvious aren’t. Earlier this week, I was trying to be cool and add a new network printer to a number of computers using a basic script. After a number of attempts at a test work station, I finally found a solution that I thought worked well. However, when attempting to remove some of my earlier failed attempts at adding the printer I encountered the following error ‘Printer connection cannot be removed. Operation could not be completed.’

What do you mean printer connection cannot be removed? I am the Administrator and therefore though shalt be removed.

Well apparently, the easiest way to resolve this problem is to:

  1. Disable your active network adapter or unplug the network cable
  2. Delete the printer that you were having trouble deleting
  3. Enable your active network adapter or reconnect the network cable

Sometimes you wonder, are we all webmasters living lives as webslaves?