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Running Shoes

Earlier in March, I began an attempt at trying to run a 5K. Some serious motivation from friends, coupled with a nice location to run, made it seem like this time an attempt at a 5K would actually result in the development of a habit. But, who would have thought that using cross trainers would be a drain on attempting to run a 5K? After less than two weeks of running, the shin splints couldn’t have hurt more and here I was back at looking to drop out again. Two weeks later Lilian won a contest to receive two pairs of running shoes from the North Wales Running Company and just like that the prospect of running with a new pair of shoes rekindled the desire to run again.

Today, after spending over an hour at the North Wales Running Company – I learned the reason for the shin splints, the type of shoes I should be using and some general knowledge of how the owner, Scott Tantino, chose to setup his store in North Wales, PA.

Motivation comes to each of us in different ways but walking out with a pair of new running shoes has definitely sparked a new desire to try and work on sticking to the couch to 5K program.