Sycamore BYOB in Lansdowne

A new restaurant is coming to Lansdowne. Per the website, the restaurant will be called Sycamore and appears to be a perfect addition to the Lansdowne main street at 14 S. Lansdowne Avenue.

Sycamore will offer artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, soups, salads, and creative appetizers and main dishes with a local, seasonal emphasis.

We’re a BYO, but that won’t stop us from creating some of the best and freshest mixers around. We encourage you to walk in with any kind of liquor (Whiskey, Gin, Tequila, Vodka, Bourbon, etc) and find innovative and classic cocktail mixers featuring fresh squeezed fruit juices, and lovely accoutrement.

Speaking of Lansdowne, have you tried out Cinema 16:9 yet?

Anti-Twitter Video

I won’t claim to be an avid Twitter user but have found it very helpful in keeping a live pulse on what’s going on with certain topics or people I like to keep up with and connecting with service providers (e.g. web hosting company, cable company)

I’ve heard all the arguments from people not using Twitter because it forces you to think in 140 character limitations to people who refuse to use it because of some bizare NIH (Not Invented Here) syndrome. Here’s a funny video for those against Twitter.

ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings is obsolete

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Quick fix, change references of:




Changing Behavior by Design

I was reading Tim Sneath’s blog post about Deborah Adler who presented a case study of how user experience design can have a positive impact on the lives of those who touch products. She was the principal designer behind Target’s ClearRx drug prescription packaging, which has had a big impact in avoiding drug prescription misusage.

The post is a great read but the biggest takeaways as summarized by Tim are:

  • What separates you from your competitors isn’t design or development, it’s truly thinking about the person who will use your design or development and figuring out how it can solve their needs.
  • Once you start thinking about your customers’ needs, it becomes a habit. When you start from this perspective, you’re no longer just a designer, you are a user experience designer