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On Vision

Anyone can count the seeds in a melon. It takes vision to count the melons in a seed.

— Unknown

On Leadership

Before you become a leader, success is all about growing yourself. After you become a leader, success is about growing others.

— Jack Welch

String vs string in C#

Stackoverflow has become a go-to resource for programming questions or discussions that I like to follow. One discussion that I stumbled on was the difference between String and string in C#.

According to the thread, String stands for System.String and is a .NET Framework type. string is an alias in the C# language for System.String. Both of them are compiled to System.String in IL (Intermediate Language), so there is no difference.

Here are some other aliases:

  • object: System.Object
  • string: System.String
  • bool: System.Boolean
  • byte: System.Byte
  • sbyte: System.SByte
  • short: System.Int16
  • ushort: System.UInt16
  • int: System.Int32
  • uint: System.UInt32
  • long: System.Int64
  • ulong: System.UInt64
  • float: System.Single
  • double: System.Double
  • decimal: System.Decimal
  • char: System.Char

Lansdowne Farmers Market

The Lansdowne Farmers Market (LFM) starts tomorrow and will run through the end of October. As mentioned on the site:

The best friend you can be to the Market is to be a good shopper — come regularly and make purchases! Next best is spreading the word by telling friends, handing out LFM magnets, or displaying one of our fabulous apple-shaped lawn signs. And we can always use a hand setting up or breaking down. Stop by the Market Manager tent and say you want to help, and we’ll find something for you to do.

Sycamore Menu Teasuer

Yesterday, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo at Mission Burrito in Lansdowne, PA. Great food and music, including an owner who actively posts specials and announcements on Twitter. Today, I stumbled across the menu for Sycamore. Got to love more food choices in down town Lansdowne.

Sycamore Menu

Sycamore Menu