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Error 193: 0xc1

A few weeks ago we ran into the “Error 193: 0xc1” error when troubleshooting a problem with the BMC Remedy Email Engine running on a Windows server. Clearly, a very interesting error message.

The error message appeared right after we restarted a server during a troubleshooting exercise where the only change was the creation of a single debug file – a file that was supposed to help point us to changes that could help improve performance of the email engine. However, after the reboot, we were in a situation where no other Windows services would start. Furthermore, all programs that were installed in the Program Files folder had stopped working.

After some quick Google searches, we came across a post that talked about how someone had encountered a similar error when a null file was created with the name of Program. After reviewing the switches that created the debug file we realized that instead of creating a file in D:\Program Files\AR System\AR Email\Server\Logs\ , the file was created in the root of D:\ and was simply named Program. Forgetting to surround the full path for the debug file to be created(i.e. D:\Program Files\AR System\AR Email\Server\Logs\)  in double quotes resulted in the creation of this null file.

To resolve the problem, we deleted the null file that was called Program in D:\ and re-created the debug file in an alternate location.