Save the Lansdowne Theater

From the Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation:

Please plan your market shopping this Saturday so that you’ll be at the lot by 10:30, when we’re going to try to herd all willing participants across Lansdowne Avenue (which will be briefly closed, hooray!) for a quick photo shoot rally to show support for saving “The Lansdowne,” as it was known in its heyday (new heyday coming up, with your help). Once the photos are taken, you can go into Cinema 16:9 to hear what’s going on with the theater — what’s been done and what’s next. You can also sign up to volunteer to help with some work in and around the theater, the best way to get a look inside real soon. In what is no doubt not entirely a coincidence, Cinema 16:9 will be showing a documentary about efforts to save on old theater that had seemingly outlived its usefulness. Preserve Me a Seat will run from Saturday, October 3, to Friday, October 9, at various times daily.

Telligent Community

I’m in the process of upgrading Community Server 2008.5 to Telligent Community and so far I’ve been impressed with the way Telligent Community features are aligning. I was a big supporter for Chat in the earlier public Community Server road maps but never realized how lacking Search was. One major change in Telligent Community is the decoupling of Search and new requirement to install Solr. Once you get over the fact that a .NET product (i.e. Telligent Community) needs Java and Tomcat in order for search to work, you are left with a very, very powerful search product. Seriously, Solr, has just made Telligent Community an even more compelling product for the enterprise.

Someday, Telligent may revert to using Microsoft Search Server, or return to the days of affordable pricing, or open source Graffiti CMS on CodePlex, or ensure that you don’t get hit by some weird licensing message on your site (e.g. This license for Telligent Community is not authorized for use on this host name. You can access the site by opening it up directly on the server that is running the site. You can also manage your license by clicking here. Seen on the page earlier today) but, until then, revel in the power of Solr.

Lansdowne Arts Festival

The Lansdowne Arts Festival is a project of the Lansdowne Economic Development Corporation (LEDC).

According to The Lansdowne Arts Festival site, the festival is a weekend-long event featuring an array of creative and performing arts, including painting, crafts, sculpture, jewelry, live music, drama, spoken word and children’s events. Set in the historic suburb of Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, the 2009 edition of the festival has grown to include more than 32 artists and 15 musical acts.

All festival events (art, music, spoken word and plays) will be held at the historic Twentieth Century Club at 84 S. Lansdowne Avenue in Lansdowne.

The Arts Festival is a rain or shine event. Musical performances are held under a huge tent while art exhibits and other performing artists are inside the Twentieth Century Club. The entire borough of Lansdowne is brimming with activity the entire weekend, including Saturday’s Lansdowne Farmers Market, another rain or shine event that takes place just up the street from the Arts Festival.