Service Catalogs in the Education Sector

As a result of a project I’m involved with at work, I’ve recently become intimately familiar with a framework called ITIL. In essence, ITIL, short for  Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is  a set of recommended practises for managing information technology infrastructure, processes, operations and development. From a very high level, the beauty of implementing ITIL is that an organization now has a way to effectively categorize the list of services it offers and more importantly procedures on how to handle new requests from customers, or reports of problems.

Education Industry:

British Columbia Institute of Technology  –

California Department of Technology Services –

Central Piedmont Community College –

Clemson –

Illinois Department of Central Management Services

Medical College of Georgia –

National Institute of Health CIT –

Nevada Department of Information Services –

North Harris Montgomery Community College District –

Purdue University –

Stanford –

State of Kansas-

State of Maine Office of Information Technology –

State of Minnesota Office of Enterprise Technology –

State of North Carolina Office of Information Technology Services –

SUNY/Buffalo –

University of California Santa Cruz-

University of Kansas –

University of Massachusetts / Dartmouth-

University of New Mexico –

University of New South Wales –

University of Rhode Island –

University of San Francisco –