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Outlook Search Shortcuts

Listed below are some popular search shortcuts/search keywords to help with narrowing your search results within Outlook:

NOTIf you want to exclude certain search results, you can use the NOT operator.
[ ]If you want to find an item for which a certain value is not set, you can use the square bracket characters;
( = 102 or = 103 or = 104)
This will filter the view on items that have been replied to or forwarded. 102 means replied, 103 means reply to all and 104 means forwarded.
NOT ( = 102 or = 103 or = 104)
Messages that have not been replied to or forwarded. (Source)

Search Examples

Example Search QueryUsed For
NOT ( all emails not from a .edu address
NOT category:[]Find all emails that have a category assigned to it
Has attachmentFind all emails with attachments