How much do I need to save by age?

Fidelity Investments has issued new savings guidelines suggesting that workers save at least eight times their final salary in order to meet basic income needs in retirement. In the set of age-based targets released Wednesday, Fidelity says employees should have the equivalent of their annual salary in savings by age 35 in order to reach the first benchmark en route to that goal.

Save the Equivalent OfBy Age
1x your annual salary35
2x your annual salary40
4x your annual salary50
5x your annual salary55
8x your annual salary67

Source: Fidelity issues new retirement savings guidelines and How much do you need to retire.

Deconstructing The Cyber Kill Chain

Giora Engel on The Cyber Kill Chain:

If you must use the Chain model, zero in on No. 7. Focus on detecting ongoing attacks — attackers that have already breached your perimeter — before the damage is done. Instead of analyzing old malware, deploy a breach detection system that automatically detects and analyzes the changes in user and computer behavior that indicate a breach. These subtle changes are usually low-key and slow, and affect only a small number of computers, but the right analysis and context can flag them as malicious.

Source: Deconstructing The Cyber Kill Chain

What does RHSA, RHEA and RHBA stand for in the Red Hat Erratas?

On the Red Hat Errata site, you’ll find references to RHSA, RHEA and RHBA. Here’s what they stand for:

AbbreviationFull WordDescription
RHEARed Hat Enhancement AdvisoryContain enhancement fixes (e.g. new features).
RHBARed Hat Bug AdvisoryContain bug fixes, and can optionally also contain enhancements
RHSARed Hat Security AdvisoryContain security fixes, and can optionally also contain bugs and/or enhancements