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CISO – The First 90 Days – Month 1

When joining a new organization, Michael Watkins, in his book, The First 90 Days recommends understanding the following for an effective onboarding experience:

  • Business Orientation: What is the business environment you are operating in
  • Stakeholder Connection: Who are the key players and what relationships do you need to establish early on? For example, in most organizations, meetings with the Public Relations/Marketing Team, Finance Team, Internal Audit, Human Resources, Public Safety and Information Technology Team should be considered as critical first month conversations
  • Expectations Alignment: Are your goals aligned with the senior leader you report to? Have you confirmed that the goals are still aligned pre-interview vs. post-hiring?
  • Cultural Adaptation: Do you understand the consistent patterns people follow for communicating, thinking and acting that is grounded on shared assumptions and values. For example, do you understand the organizational logos, mission and vision statement, acronyms, major projects. Do you speak like a local?