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Camden-Glassboro Light Rail Line

The Glassboro-Camden Line (GCL) is a proposed 18 mile passenger rail line between Glassboro and Camden in southern New Jersey being studied by the DRPA and PATCO.

According to the GCL site, “As of October 2017, the GCL team is pleased to announce that we are working to complete the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Project. We anticipate a draft EIS to be available for public review in the spring of 2018, with final approvals expected in the fall of 2018. The EIS will analyze the potential effects of the Preferred Alternative selected during the Alternatives Analysis phase on the human and built environments. The main goals of the analysis are to identify potential positive and negative impacts to both the natural and built environments, to all potential users, impact of construction on the community, and any additional effects to the area over time that would be created by the construction and operation of the light rail system. Once the GCL team has had the chance to interpret the findings, we anticipate hosting public information sessions in the winter and summer of 2018 to solicit input from the public before the finalizing the EIS.”

FY 2018 TIP Project Details:DB# T302: Camden-Glassboro Light Rail Line