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One or Two Spaces After Period

The overwhelming majority of contemporary style guides and word processors advise using a single space between typed sentences. When in doubt, use single spacing in research papers, essays, and your creative writing. This is true regardless of whether your sentence ends in a period, a question mark, or some other form of punctuation. Single spaces should also follow commas, as well as periods after abbreviations.

How Many Spaces Should You Use After a Period?

In addition, the style guides below recommend single spaces, rather than double spaces, between sentences. Where possible, I have linked to the direct guidance from the appropriate style guide.

  1. Associated Press Stylebook by the Associated Press
  2. MLA Handbook by the Modern Language Association
  3. The Chicago Manual of Style by the University of Chicago
  4. APA Style by the American Psychological Association [Guidance]
  5. The Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications by Microsoft
  6. The Gregg Reference Manual by William A. Sabin