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The cost of a free cup of coffee

Great interview with Square COO Keith Rabois, on his thoughts of e-commerce, recruiting, the cost of a free cup of coffee:

Traditionally, the businesses we serve were basically counting cups, and they would literally stack their cups up in their coffee shop that they would know the number of coffees that were being sold or cappuccinos that were being sold by the end of the day. That’s exactly why they won’t give you water if you’ve ever tried — it screws up the inventory management system.

and of course, his thoughts on mobile apps and their placement on the home screen of user’s devices:

If you are installed on a home screen, it’s not accidental. So being installed on a home screen encourages more use, whereas on the web you don’t necessarily have that home screen. Then secondly, what’s on my home screen here is self expressive. I know people are going to see my phone so I have Yelp here intentionally, and I have Twitter here intentionally, and Quora is here intentionally. So it’s not just a shortcut.

Service Catalogs in the Education Sector

As a result of a project I’m involved with at work, I’ve recently become intimately familiar with a framework called ITIL. In essence, ITIL, short for  Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is  a set of recommended practises for managing information technology infrastructure, processes, operations and development. From a very high level, the beauty of implementing ITIL is that an organization now has a way to effectively categorize the list of services it offers and more importantly procedures on how to handle new requests from customers, or reports of problems.

Education Industry:

British Columbia Institute of Technology  -

California Department of Technology Services -

Central Piedmont Community College -

Clemson -

Illinois Department of Central Management Services

Medical College of Georgia -

National Institute of Health CIT -

Nevada Department of Information Services -

North Harris Montgomery Community College District -

Purdue University -

Stanford -

State of Kansas-

State of Maine Office of Information Technology -

State of Minnesota Office of Enterprise Technology -

State of North Carolina Office of Information Technology Services -

SUNY/Buffalo -

University of California Santa Cruz-

University of Kansas -

University of Massachusetts / Dartmouth-

University of New Mexico -

University of New South Wales -

University of Rhode Island -

University of San Francisco -

Your Credit Score

From Your Credit Guide, under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act) consumers can now request and obtain a free credit report once every 12 months from each of the three nationwide consumer credit reporting companies. For residents of the North East states, is the only authorized site that provides consumers with the secure means to order free credit reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.