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Alter Hall

The Fox School of Business has been maintaining an excellent blog titled Alter Hall Blog primarily focusing on construction updates for the new Alter Hall. This week they’re also running a contest to anyone who posts a comment on the best description of a construction term called ‘waler’.

I think the blog and contest are great ideas on reaching the community (students and alumni) and the contest an even better way to continue to attract new visitors to the site.

In case you’re looking for help with the contest, try attending the Contractor School.

Temple University Japan Campus

I just noticed a new website for the Temple University Japan Campus. Did you know that Temple University was the first American university to establish a campus in Japan? Did you also know that the Executive MBA program at the campus was also the first of its kind in Japan and in 2005 was also designated as the first Foreign University, Japan Campus, in Japan by Japan’s Ministry of Education , Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).