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Can you cancel my message?

Ever been in a situation where you’ve wanted to undo or cancel a message from being sent? According to the Crimson White, a newspaper serving the University of Alabama, a recent email was sent out to more than 21,000 students indicating that they were not eligible to take certain courses this semester. The message however was only meant to go out to 208 students. Can you imagine how many calls or emails the support staff at the University would have received regarding this errant message?

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Messiah College Website

Is it just me or does the new Messiah College home page design look pretty lame? The previous layout had more distinct sections for the various stakeholders of the university – now everything seems all over the place with no clear sense of organization or layout. I emailed the college webmaster, Justin Sentz, and apparently the reaction thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. Perhaps, it’s just me, but the site doesn’t capture my attention as there’s so much action going on all over the page. Obviously, I’m the last person who should be pointing a finger as I’ve still got to get cranking away at the new Dozing Dogs release. I’ve only been putting off work on mysite for the last year.

Messiah College

100 Best Places to Work in IT 2005

The annual Computer World survey of best places to work in IT has just been released. You may need to register to view the sorted listing of organizations, but topping the list is Quicken Loans Inc. based in Livonia, Michigan. One trend that I believe will gradually start to increase is the appearance of educational institutions on this list. Temple University, my employer, is one of the three that has made this years Top 100 Places to Work in IT. This is in addition to a ranking earlier last year as one of America’s Most Connected Campus. While rankings are subject to controversy, they do so much more to improve morale and will always continue to be a coveted prize by the marketing department.

Opera – Free for Educational Institutions

I tried Opera once when I was back in college and appreciated that there was another company (other than Netscape) devoted to creating an application solely for browsing on any hardware or software platform. It had a lot of the functionality but it lacked that true integrated feel with my primary OS of choice. Aside from that Opera’s price line was also a major obstacle.

Well, it appears that Opera must have picked up a slight hint at browser improvements from Microsoft and Mozilla and decided that it was time to up the fight by offering free site licenses to educational institutions. Currently it appears that the only catch is the creation of an Opera account and the benefits of large swarms of users demanding these browsers when entering the work force is probably the expected return on investment.

For more information visit the Opera Higher Education Program.

Rodney Sawatsky

I just found out that President Sawatsky passed away on Saturday. I had the honor of getting to know him through my involvement with the Genesis Solar Car Racing project and also through some of the International student events that were hosted at the college. He was truly a man worthy of all that is said in this tribute to the Sawatskys’