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Personal posts from Leo Nelson

Blogger Updates

It looks like Blogger has upgraded the feature set for blog authors. Check out the new rich text toolbar.

Unisys Stories

Just heard that Unisys shares dropped 15% on the warning that they would not meet prior forecasts. I interned at Unisys last year and definitely… Read More »Unisys Stories

Quixtar, Amway …

Is anyone else bothered by the various people promoting Quixtar (Amway)? Today, for the first time, someone actually emailed me with the similar personal sales… Read More »Quixtar, Amway …


I just found out that Scott Moonen intends to close the AndStuffWiki. While the news is quite disappointing, I respect his decision and am privileded… Read More »AndStuff

World Cup 2010

It was only a matter of time before the world’s largest sporting event came to Africa. “The game’s ruling body FIFA chose South Africa ahead… Read More »World Cup 2010