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Provisions Market Lansdowne

Another new store is coming to Lansdowne. Provisions Market is a business which encourages friends and community to gather and nourish their body and spirits with affordable, seasonal, sustainable, and organic foods. We want to serve as an example of eco-friendly business with an emphasis on educating Lansdowne residents and their children about where food comes from and how to and why it is so important to support small farmers and artisans.

For more information contact Provisions at:

7 S. Lansdowne Ave
Lansdowne, PA 19050

Save the Lansdowne Theater

From the Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation:

Please plan your market shopping this Saturday so that you’ll be at the lot by 10:30, when we’re going to try to herd all willing participants across Lansdowne Avenue (which will be briefly closed, hooray!) for a quick photo shoot rally to show support for saving “The Lansdowne,” as it was known in its heyday (new heyday coming up, with your help). Once the photos are taken, you can go into Cinema 16:9 to hear what’s going on with the theater — what’s been done and what’s next. You can also sign up to volunteer to help with some work in and around the theater, the best way to get a look inside real soon. In what is no doubt not entirely a coincidence, Cinema 16:9 will be showing a documentary about efforts to save on old theater that had seemingly outlived its usefulness. Preserve Me a Seat will run from Saturday, October 3, to Friday, October 9, at various times daily.