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iPod Mini

At the Macworld Expo, Steve Jobs unveiled new IPod designs. Called the IPod-Mini, the new device can store 4GB worth of songs.

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Rise of Gateway

For the longest time I’ve been hoping that Gateway would turn a profit. Sadly, per a CNET report here’s yet another revenue shortfall warning. But their camera sales are up 200% 🙂

Classic ASP Print Server Variables

Quick snippet of code to loop through and print values of the Server Variables collection:

< % For Each X in Request.ServerVariables Response.Write(X & " - " & Request.ServerVariables(X) & " " & "

Genesis Solar Car


During the Summer of 1999 I was part of the team that built and raced the above solar car from Washington D.C to the EPCOT Center in Florida. What a life changing and rewarding experience. Attached is a department newsletter about the team’s accomplishments.