MAC Address for Xbox

When trying to register an Xbox on a university network you may need to find the MAC address corresponding to the console. The steps listed below should make this a bit easier:

1) Turn on the Xbox ensuring that there is no disc in the console

2) The Xbox will load to the Xbox Dashboard.

3) Select Settings from the list of options

4) Select Network Settings

5) The MAC address for the console is located in the lower right hand corner.

2.5 Gigapixel Photo

Think you’ve taken the best picture with your 5 mega pixel camera? Think again. According to an article from Steven Bink TNO TPD, part of the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research has produced the largest digital panoramic photo in the world.

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Radiuz (

Has anyone tried using the Radiuz service? I signed up initially with great enthusiasm but having not found a way of tracking service availability I was discouraged and decided not to move forward.