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OS X Updates

Apple has released a number of updates for OS X. Unlike Microsoft’s patch Tuesday, these updates seemed to have coincided with the recent Macworld: Mac… Read More »OS X Updates

Macworld 2006

Kevin Rose has heard that some of the products being announced at Macworld 2006 include: 15″ Intel Dual Core Macbook iPod FM receiver iWork/Life ’06… Read More »Macworld 2006

The iPod nano

Just when you thought that the iPod mini was the smallest fully functional iPod device you could purchase along comes the iPod nano. In typical,… Read More »The iPod nano

The Mighty Mouse

Apple continues to churn out products that complement and increase the over all value of investing in the Apple platform. Today they’ve announced the launch… Read More »The Mighty Mouse

OS X 10.5.x

At the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference the next code name for OS X was revealed as Leopard. Related Links: Mac OS X Code Names