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My Blogging Degree

If you haven’t already heard, an employee at Friendster, was recently fired as a result of some of her blog posts [1] [2]. However, at the same time, a post from Michael Gartenberg clarifies how a single event may not necessarily be the cause for a termination.

Over the last month, I have been trying to decide on how much and what kind of information I should be revealing through my blog, especially information regarding the various processes that I interact with at my work environment.

I think it’s hard to stay away from a topic if you are truly passionate about it but at the same time without a definite corporate blogging policy can you follow the rule ‘No one told me that I couldn’t’?

Firefox and Blogger Templates

I just found out, thanks to Ed Bott, that Blogger templates do not render well in Firefox. I did very little customization to the actual template so I did not bother verifying how the blog appeared in other browsers (Firefox, Safari or Opera).

It really goes to show that you have to assume nothing, suspect everything, trust no one and hope that Google updates their default templates.

Thank You Sean Alexander

Earlier in the year I had emailed Sean Alexander requesting help with streaming Windows Media content in a particular fashion. I was rather disappointed when I did not hear back from him and for the first time I was beginning to lose hope in the transparency and open communication channels that Microsoft had started through the various employee blogs.

Imagine my surprise when Sean replied with possible solutions to my questions including an offer to continue to help if what he suggested did not work.

This is just a note to say thank you Sean. Your help has certainly reflected positively on Microsoft.