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10 FALs on Firefox Extensions

As a reminder to myself, and a recommendation to others, if you’re using Firefox you may find some of these extensions useful. I’m hopeful that eventually I’ll have a list of 10 extensions that will complete a 10 FALs (Frequently Asked Links) series on Firefox Extensions.

  1. Tab Mix Plus
    – I was introduced to this extension by a colleague at work. Provides session management and every possible feature you could think of for tabbed browsing.
  2. AdBlock
    – A great utility to filter out advertisements and other content from a site.
  3. Session Saver
    – Saves everything in your browser environment and restores the state when you reopen Firefox.
  4. Clone Window
    – An extension that most Internet Explorer users look for to maintain content of a window when creating new instances of the browser window.
  5. SnapBack
    – Originally introduced by Safari, the SnapBack extension allows you to return to the point where you last typed a URL or selected a bookmark. Hat tip to Don for the SnapBack link.

Firefox and Blogger Templates

I just found out, thanks to Ed Bott, that Blogger templates do not render well in Firefox. I did very little customization to the actual template so I did not bother verifying how the blog appeared in other browsers (Firefox, Safari or Opera).

It really goes to show that you have to assume nothing, suspect everything, trust no one and hope that Google updates their default templates.

Word of Firefox

I received an email from Blake Ross who is associated with the Mozilla Foundation in some way and also helping with a major grass roots effort in promoting Firefox. Either way his email was sent out asking if I would be interested in placing a button to help promote Firefox. While the email was well received, and I’m glad to recommend Firefox as an alternative to Internet Explorer, it seems that other companies aren’t using the same word of blog effort to help connect with the community. Should they be or is this going to end up being mildly offensive?

Either way, for those looking for an alternative browser, please try:

Get Firefox

Mozilla/ Firefox

No matter how passionate I am about using Microsoft products, it seems that Internet Explorer has pushed me to a point where using it continues to affect my productivity.

I first gave Mozilla a chance to change my browsing experience in 2002. This was at a time when Mozilla 1.3 first showed up on the map and alas I was quite disappointed. However, after giving Firefox a test run earlier this year it seems that there’s finally a product that doesn’t force you to purchase a product (Opera) nor one that constrains you to the development cycle of another operating system (Longhorn). Consider some of the features:

– Pop up blocking
– Tabbed browsing
– Integrated Google search
– Spyware prevention

As a side note, many of these features will soon be available in Internet Explorer either through Windows XP Service Pack 2 or through the MSN Toolbar.

For those willing to take a chance, I strongly recommend Firefox and if you’re kind enough to help guide the Internet Explorer team, you can also send feedback directly to the team at the Internet Explorer Feedback Wiki.

You may download Firefox at the Firefox Product and Download Page