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Google Calendar

Is Google trailing everyone else? Earlier today, everyone started talking about Google Calendar. This is Yet Another Google Application (YAGA) that I probably won’t switch to immediately. Even though Google Calendar offers all the features listed below unless there’s a very compelling reason I probably won’t be moving away from Windows Live Mail.

Google Calendar Features:

– GMail Integration

– Calendar Sharing

– Invitations. If a lot of my friends start using Google Calendar for invitations as opposed to eVite this might prove to be the switching point.

– Reminders. Seamless setup of your cellphone to receive SMS alerts from Google Calendar.


Google has just aquired Writely. I should have registered for a Writely beta account when it was first announced but figured that I had no immediate need to edit my documents from anywhere. Now, it feels weird to suddenly realize that I want an account to test out the service just because Writely is now a Google product. The power of a brand.


At DEMO2006, MP3Car introduced the first complete in-car software platform called StreetDeck. The ‘enabler’ boasts an impressive feature list including:

  • Touch Screen Control
  • Navigation & Mapping
  • Bluetooth Phone Integration
  • Satellite Radio
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Rear-view Camera Support
  • CD player/MP3 Extraction
  • MP3 Player
  • FM Radio
  • DVD/Video Player
  • Picture Viewer
  • WiFi Sync Support

However, with the $1,699.00 hardware bundle price and Apple’s iPod already having rosy relationships with automobile manufacturers and Portal Player announcing plans to develop WiFi and Bluetooth capable devices I think it’ll be a while before StreetDeck makes a noticable dent in the automobile market.