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GMail Delete

When GMail was first released one of my biggest issues with the product was the push to have all your email stored online. If you wanted to delete a message you had to click on More Options and then select Delete this message. Two clicks just to delete a message?

Apparently, other people thought this was inconvenient too, and thankfully people at Google are actually listening to a much needed Delete button. Now, the world can rejoice with the convenience of deleting a message with just one click.

GMail Delete

How soon do you think it’ll be before GCalendar is released?

Google Analytics

When discussing Google’s purchase of Urchin, I highly recommended Urchin because of it’s easy to use feature set and amazing set of reports that were accessible via Urchin. Late last week, Google relaunched the Urchin service, as Google Analytics, dropping the price to $0 and requiring a Google Account to setup a site and use the service.

I’ve been trying to get www.leonelson.com setup on Google Analytics but haven’t generated any reports worthy of being shared. Perhaps once the site re-launches I’ll have something more report worthy.

Google Reader

Google has just launched the new Google Feed Reader. As expected, the product is the minimalist RSS aggregator and will be interesting to see how this will compete with services such as MyYahoo!, Start and Bloglines. In typical Google fashion, the feed reader has a bunch of nifty AJAX features and importing my OPML file is taking a bit longer than I’d like but other than that this product is definitely putting on some serious competition.

Google Talk

After many months of speculation Google’s IM program is finally available for download. Named Google Talk, the program runs only on Windows but is designed to work with other Jabber based IM products. Some neat features that Google Talk offers include:

– Contacts downloaded from GMail Contacts
– VoIP functionality
– Zero Ads (How soon before Google starts offering a new AdWords option)
– Google School of Design interface
– Developer Friendly (Remember all the web applications that were utilizing Google Maps)

This may only be coincidence, but MSN Messenger released their latest IM product yesterday and Skype has warmed up to developers by way of their new IM developer tools. Competition absolutely rocks.