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Microsoft Surface

At the D: All Things Digital conference Microsoft will unveil a new product called Microsoft Surface. According to the press release, Microsoft Surface turns an… Read More »Microsoft Surface

Zune Advertising

Microsoft’s Zune is supposed to be launching in the next few days. Infact, the official Zune site just launched earlier today. Although, I can’t afford… Read More »Zune Advertising

SMT 5600

YAY! I am now the proud owner of a Audiovox UTStarcom SMT 5600. (On November 30, 2005, UTStarcom  aquired the cellular subsidiary of Audiovox Corporation) The… Read More »SMT 5600


Ars Technica has graciously provided a comprehensive overview of the CableCARD technology. I would comment on the technology but I’m still trying to learn enough… Read More »CableCARD


I should have added ‘Clocky‘ to my Christmas wish list, especially since I’m trying so hard to try and make the trains this year. According… Read More »Clocky

TomTom GO 300

Earlier this year Santa paid me an early visit and gifted me the wonderful TomTom GO 300 – a device that completely solved all those… Read More »TomTom GO 300