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Philadelphia ASP.NET Roadshow

I had the unique priviledge of meeting Rob Howard at the the Philadelphia ASP.NET Roadshow.

Being a frequent visitor to the ASP.NET site, it was definitely worth listening to the experiences of the person who was in charge of the site.

The show on the whole was organized well. Attendees received packets with the ASP.NET Resource Kit, the ASP.NET VB Resource Kit, Infragistics promotional items and the ASP.NET Coding Strategies book.

Rob’s presentation was broken down into four sections:

– Differences between ASP and ASP.NET (Server Controls, Comparisons on Scalability)
– Tips and Tricks with ASP.NET (Caching, File Uploads, Dynamic Images)
– Security (SQL Injection Attacks, Cross Site Scripting Attacks)
– Whidbey (Naming Conventions for ASP.NET versions, Whidbey overview, Visual Studio.NET overview)

Furthermore, the hosts provided boxes and boxes of EXCELLENT pizza and gallons of soda. There were also free t-shirt giveaways, 2 pocket pc’s raffled off and 2 copies of Infragistics.

Xbox World Dominion

This past year has definitely been a transitional phase for Microsoft. Apparently the war chest is being put to good use with deals finalized with AOL, Sun and now EA.

If you don’t have an Xbox and have held out for various reasons, perhaps now would be the best time to invest in one. Aside from the best online service, including upcoming support for video chat, the Xbox does have one of the most complete game system chain : from developers, to end users to third party providers.

If it’s on another console, consider that it’s a stolen idea from the Xbox.