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Zune Advertising

Microsoft’s Zune is supposed to be launching in the next few days. Infact, the official Zune site just launched earlier today. Although, I can’t afford to be an early adopter, I think some of the positive features such as sharing, ease of updates and being the current underdog player in the market may swing some people toward using the device. If that doesn’t work, it looks like Microsoft is counting on some of the following ads for your swing vote:

Zune: Picnic

Zune: Battle

Zune: Concert

Zune: Dog Scratch

Zune: Couple

(Note: The above links all link to YouTube. For some reason some WordPress updates I applied to the site earlier today seem to have disabled my ability to embed the YouTube media files)

Microsoft buys Winternals

I’m sick – but sadly or thankfully that isn’t keeping me away from checking e-mail or blogging. Earlier today I read Mark’s Sysinternals blog announcing that Microsoft had aquired Winternals and Systernals. Similar to how Giant Antispyware was aquired by Microsoft and converted to Windows Defender I wonder if this aquisition will result in a similar product from Microsoft. Microsoft Utilities 1.0 perhaps?

Send a Smile

One of the interesting things that I noticed with the new Office 2007 beta is the ability to quickly provide feedback on a feature to the Office 2007 development team by way of sending a smile or frown. This has dramatically increased the amount of feedback I typically provide since it’s much easier to click on the smile or frown and submit my comments and screenshot (The alternative being submitting bug reports through the old beta website)

When the Send a Smile/ Frown tool is installed the application appears in the system tray as displayed below:

Send a Smile/ Frown to Microsoft


Imagine my surprise when I logged into Google Sitemaps and discovered something similar. It’s hard to find myself rating one of their tools as being ‘Totally not useful’ but nevertheless I’m glad that they’re open to negative feedback.

Send a Smile/ Frown to Google 

Off to Redmond

In another 4 hours I’ll be off to my first trip to Microsoft’s Redmond campus. I’m excited and am not sure what to expect at the event and all my attempts at sleep are proving futile. Now would be a good time to balance my check book.