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The Centipede

I’ve been putting off getting my apartment sprayed or fumigated or whatever it is that the pest killers do, but these house centipede’s (See Below) are really starting to annoy me. They’re only about an inch long and you could easily stomp on them but they blend so well with brown carpeting and their long legs paint a vicious picture. I only come across one or two every summer, but it’s enough to lead me to believe that there’s a nest somewhere close by and if I don’t take adequate preventive measures it’s going to end up being an infestation of some sorts – think next Hollywood lackluster titled The Centipede. Thankfully, the spraying/ fumigation/ pest killing is a free service from my apartment complex and I’m hoping that it’ll be a lesson for any other insects that this apartment is not hospitable for their kind.

House Centipede

Source: House Centipede from the University of Arkansas

Service Lockin

Jason Calcanis has started a thread titled The Official Meta Lockin Shame and Short-term Solution List describing how various service providers do not provide an easy way to export your data. With e-mail services such as Hotmail or GMail, functions to import addresses are provided. However, when it comes to getting these addresses out of Hotmail or GMail you literally need to pay the company to export your data. For example, Hotmail has recently begun introducing services such as Outlook Live as a way to synchronize contacts with Outlook or as an alternative if you were really that desperate you could sign up for the MSN service just to use Intellisync. So with all these issues how do you decide which service provider to choose? Do you go with GMail because of it’s slick interface and constant onshoot of new features or do you stick with the old player on the block and hope that they’re still willing to compete with all these other service providers? As David Worthington reports, Microsoft is testing a new Hotmail interface. Considering that Hotmail has been around for 10 years and has racked up over 200 million users expect this testing to be one that could drag on until all kinks have been ironed out.

Webhost4Life = Bad Host

Webhost4life used to be one of the better .NET hosting providers around. However, their growth appears to be affecting their service level and reliability. This is just a message to warn anyone who may be considering Webhost4life, think twice if you don’t want to deal with their lack of commitment to keeping your site available.

Slash vs. Backslash

During many conversations, I’ve heard people refer to the backslash as the slash or the slash that is above the Enter key. Sometimes people even incorrectly refer to the slash or forwardslash as the backslash. Confused? Unsure?

The slash or forwardslash is /.
The backslash is \.

If it helps, picture the backslash as a line leaning backward.

Quixtar, Amway …

Is anyone else bothered by the various people promoting Quixtar (Amway)? Today, for the first time, someone actually emailed me with the similar personal sales pitch. At this point, it’s bordering on the line of annonying.

This blog entry is work in progress as I’m going to collect links and resources on how to tackle the Quixtar campaign.

Identifying a Quixtar Solicitation

Email typically arrives from [email protected]

Quixtar Investigations

1) Dateline NBC investigation of Quixtar