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Update: Gateway goes downhill

I’ve always been a fan of Gateway products and have pushed for their adoption wherever possible. However, that may soon end as a result of terrible customer service regarding a rebate that was supposed to have been mailed to me early in February.

I spoke to both Young-America (The company that handles Gateway’s rebates) and Gateway’s Customer service department and continue to be passed on to another department.

Lessons in Customer Service

1) Don’t pass the buck
2) Don’t ‘transfer’ the user – ‘connect’ the user.
3) Treat the customer as one, even after they’ve actually completed the purchase. This is probably the single most important aspect, as it builds customer loyalty.
4) Keep your promises. If you say you’ll call back, ensure that you stick to your word.

My ordeal with Gateway continues. Updates will follow as and when I receive it.

Managing Group Schedules

Does anyone manage a schedule for a team? All of a sudden I find myself in a position trying to manage a schedule for a team of about 15 consultants. Thankfully there is some leverage and additional help, but there must be an easier way to plan the month ahead instead of co-ordinating 15 people over 31 days fluctuating between 1-2 shifts per day and possibly working on 4 different scenarios.