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Online Trip Planner

One of my colleagues at work was asking for an online mapping site that actually allowed you to pick specific stops on your trip.

After finding no success with Mapquest, MSN Maps or Yahoo Maps I finally stumbled upon Rand McNally Road Trip Planner.

You could buy an application such as Microsoft Streets to help plan your trip, and the latest version even includes a GPS Locator. However, before paying $129.00 for the version with the GPS locator, I’m probably going to try finding a free source.

Does anyone else use another application to help plan a better trip?

Shenandoah Getaway

I just returned from a getaway trip to Shenandoah and must say that I have returned truly spiritually blessed.

Things I learnt on the trip:

– Remember to remember the answered prayers
– Remember the reason for having and being able to share with Christians
– Remember reason, memory, faith even when spiraling downward

Things I wish I could have done on the trip:

Rafting down the Shenandoah river. Thought it’s only a grade 2, I imagine the scenic beauty would have been truly worth it. On the whole, I would definitely recommend the Angler, Drifter or Paddler cabins. They come fully equipped with all the luxuries of life (AC, comfortable beds) but don’t have the distractions of email and media.

Cultural Exposure

I was revamping my home page and decided to move a page called Cultural Exposure to my blog. At some point I realized that I needed a way to effectively group my travel and created the page. Now this is merely a placeholder. Someday, it’ll link to pictures and other worthy country type information.

Countries I’ve visited:

  1. Botswana
  2. Canada
  3. Dubai
  4. India
  5. Kenya
  6. Malawi
  7. Netherlands
  8. Singapore
  9. South Africa
  10. United Kingdom
  11. United States of America
  12. Zambia
  13. Zimbabwe