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Please see the Load Error Messages field on the Load Step for details

When attempting to use the BMC Remedy 8.0 Data Management Job Console  to import data you may receive the following error for the Load step: “Please see the Load Error Messages field on the Load Step for details”. If you can’t see an error screen on the Load step, chances are your browser, e.g. Chrome 26.x, is hiding some very helpful error information as well as the ability to download the error log. To work around this, ensure that you’re using a browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer to view the details of the error.

How to find BMC Remedy Form Schema Name

The ARSchema table contains relevant BMC Remedy form names, schema ID, and view information. So, for example, if I’m trying to create an escalation to delete old Remedy People audit log data and would like to find out more about the CTM:AuditLogSystem form the following SQL query can be run:

SELECT * FROM arschema WHERE name = ‘CTM:AuditLogSystem’


An application I designed and developed during Summer 2009 to help students in residence hall submit requests for networking help. The application created a tracking number for the incident and allowed a consultant to enter any relevant updates to the incident. The application helped prevent over 800 calls from reaching the call center.

Technologies used:

  • C#
  • BMC Remedy API
  • Web Services
  • Jquery



After working with a certain product, it’s interesting how people find a way to associate the company name with their feelings about the product. For example, I’m currently working on a project involving a product called Remedy Action Request System that is made by a company called BMC. Here are some of the feelings I’ve felt or overheard from others:

  1. Become More Christlike
  2. Becoming More Complicated
  3. Bring More Consultants

Have you heard of any?