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10 FALs on Firefox Extensions

As a reminder to myself, and a recommendation to others, if you’re using Firefox you may find some of these extensions useful. I’m hopeful that eventually I’ll have a list of 10 extensions that will complete a 10 FALs (Frequently Asked Links) series on Firefox Extensions.

  1. Tab Mix Plus
    – I was introduced to this extension by a colleague at work. Provides session management and every possible feature you could think of for tabbed browsing.
  2. AdBlock
    – A great utility to filter out advertisements and other content from a site.
  3. Session Saver
    – Saves everything in your browser environment and restores the state when you reopen Firefox.
  4. Clone Window
    – An extension that most Internet Explorer users look for to maintain content of a window when creating new instances of the browser window.
  5. SnapBack
    – Originally introduced by Safari, the SnapBack extension allows you to return to the point where you last typed a URL or selected a bookmark. Hat tip to Don for the SnapBack link.

10 FALs on Windows XP Service Pack 2

10 Frequently Asked Links on Windows XP Service Pack 2

1. Download Locations
External Location

2. Avoiding the installation of Windows XP Service Pack 2
Disabling Delivery of Windows XP Service Pack 2 Through Windows Update and Automatic Updates

3. Installing Windows XP Service Pack 2
Installing Service Pack 2

4. Internet Explorer Changes
Internet Explorer Information Bar

5. Windows XP Firewall Changes
What to do if a program stops working after installing Windows XP Service Pack 2

6. Website Changes
Fine Tuning your website for Service Pack 2

7.Server Products
Configuring Windows XP with SQL Server

8. Windows XP Service Pack 2 Information
Official Windows XP Service Pack 2 Support Center

9. Creating a Windows XP Boot CD with the Service Pack 2
Bink’s Guide to integrating Service Packs with a Windows OS

10. What to do when nothing else works
Contacting Microsoft


Richard Callaby for his amazing collection of links
Paul Fallon for his amazing collection of links
Robert Scoble for a candid question on Service Pack 2